Vision Talk - Unlike (Digitale Single)

01. Unlike
02. Unlike (Extended)
03. Unlike (Parralox 'It's A Sinitta' Remix)
04. Unlike (People Theatre's Devision Mix)
05. Unlike (Lustobjekt Extended Remix)
06. The Loner (F.P. Mix)
07. The Loner (Arachnophobias Remix)

Zynic - Fire Walk With Me

01. Rescue Me
02. Dreams In Black And White
03. Shadow Framed Memories
04. My Personal Kryptonite
05. Mourning Light
06. Soul For Sale
07. Who's To Blame?
08. Any Second Now *
09. Almost Silence
10. Absurd Lovesong
11. Rescue Me (Iris Remix) **
12. Dreams In Black And White (Assemblage 23 Remix) **
13. Shadow Framed Memories (People Theatre Remix) **
14. My Personal Kryptonite (Parralox Remix) *+

* nur auf der limitierten CD Edition
** nur auf der limitierten Erstauflage der CD Edition

Parralox - Metropolism

01. Freakopolis
02. New Light (Rotersand vs Timo van Laak Rework)
03. Don't Listen To Me (Hear No Evil Remix)
04. Touched By The Hand Of God (Extended)
05. Acrimony (Markus Reinhardt Remix)
06. Machines (Dubstar Version - Part One)
07. The Hunger
08. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 7 Inch)
09. Promised Land (People Theatre's Diamond Mix)
10. So Special
11. Ancient Times (Iris Remix Edit)
12. I Sing The Body Electric (Edge Of Dawn Extended Remix)
13. Let's Stay Together
14. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Extended Remix)
15. Failure (Metropolism)

Parralox - I Sing The Body Electric (Single)

01. I Sing The Body Electric (Radio)
02. I Sing The Body Electric (Extended)
03. I Sing The Body Electric (Angeltheory Remix)
04. I Sing The Body Electric (Zynic Remix)
05. I Sing The Body Electric (Lustobjekt Remix)
06. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 12 Inch)
07. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Remix Edit)
08. Acrimony (Never Endless Remix)
09. In The Night (East Village Remix)
10. Footsteps (The TL Midnight Mix)
11. Time (People Theatre s Blessing Mix)
12. Machines (Dubstar Remix - Part One & Two)
13. Breakdown on 13th Street (NYC Remix)

Dual Density - Fake (Digitale Single)

01. Fake (Single Edit by [L]aux)
02. Fake (People Theatre's Counterfeit Mix)
03. Fake (Slow Mix by [L]aux)
04. Fake (The Talion Law Truth Of Love Mix)
05. Fake (Fake The Dance Remix)
06. Fake (Extended Remix Edit by [L]aux)