• Parralox - Holiday 21-22
    Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    Das neue Seasonal Album von Parralox mit famosen Coverversion vieler alter Klassiker!

  • electropop. depeche mode
    electropop. depeche mode

    ab Mitte Juni 2023 vorbestellbar!

  • Birmingham Electric
    Birmingham Electric

    Das Debutalbum von BIRMINGHAM ELECTRIC - produziert von Mark Reeder und Micha Adam!


Parralox - Isn´t It Strange (Single)

01. Isn't It Strange (Ade Fenton Extended Remix) 6:25
02. Isn't It Strange (Extended) 5:33
03. Hotter (Marlow Mix) 5:14
04. Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Mix Extended) 5:17
05. Isn't It Strange (Vision Talk Synthpop Remix) 4:33
06. Moonwalking (Beborn Beton Remix Extended) 5:08
07. Isn't It Strange (11am Remix by [L]aux) 4:24
08. Empty (Moog vs Linn Remix) 4:08
09. Isn't It Strange (Orchestral Full Length) 6:05
10. Isn't It Strange (Josslers Rework) 4:37
11. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (PT's Born Again Mix) 5:00
12. Don't Listen To Me (Extended) 6:13
13. Isn't It Strange (Hollow Me Remix) 5:06
14. Be Careful What You Wish For (Talion Law's Ambient Remix) 7:39
15. Kangaroo Island (Instrumental) 3:53

Parralox - State Of Decay

01. Beautiful World
02. Universe, I Love You
03. Isn't It Strange
04. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
05. Hotter
06. Be Careful What You Wish For
07. Moonwalking
08. I Am Human
09. Peter
10. Two Hearts
11. How Do You Break A Robot's Heart?
12. Time
13. In The Night *
14. Footsteps (Edit) *
15. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Arachnophobias Remix) *
16. Hold Me Now *

* nur auf der limitierten CD Edition

Various Artists - electropop.3

01. Beats Per Minute "You Stand To Gain (Extended Mix)"
02. Channel East "Document Nine (Extended Version)"
03. DKDent "Ready To Explode (Extended Mix)"
04. Endless Shame "Pure (Extended Dance Version)"
05. In Vein "Invitation (Extended Retro Version)"
06. Junk Circuit "Devil Wears A Crown (Extended Version)"
07. Machine Made Pleasure "In A Dark World (Extended Mix)"
08. Martin Philip "Spoiled Utopia (Prolonged)"
09. Pleasant Fiction "Speak (PT's Extended Mix)"
10. Supervillain "Smart Bombs City Lights (Extended Version)"
11. The Ejector Seats "Desire (Extended Remix)"
12. Vision Talk "Paradise For Free (Extended Remix)"
13. Zynic "Soul For Sale (Extended Version)"

Parralox - Hotter (Single)

01. Hotter (Radio Mix)
02. Hotter (Extended Mix)
03. Hotter (Carl Phaser (Radio Mix)
04. Hotter (Carl Phaser Extended Mix)
05. Hotter (Hey! In The Limo! Remix)
06. Hotter (Soft Analog Mix)
07. Don't Talk About Love (Nicolas Reeves Remix)
08. Don't Talk About Love (Extended) (exclusive CD bonus track)
09. Hotter (Nathan Kuzack Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
10. Beautiful World (Talion Law Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
11. Two Hearts (Jon Mono Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
12. How Do You Break A Robot's Heart? (Corrupted) (exclusive CD bonus track)

Parralox - I Am Human (Single)

01. I Am Human
02. I Am Human (Extended)
03. I Am Human (Obscenity Trial Remix)
04. I Am Human (Manendra Remix)
05. I Am Human (Benja Remix)
06. I Am Human (Presso Remix)
07. I Am Human (Talion Law Remix)
08. Beautiful World (Benja Remix Edit) (exclusive CD bonus track)
09. Time (Bren-F Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
10. Time (Manendra Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
11. I Am Human (Giant Shadow Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
12. Footsteps (Version) (exclusive CD bonus track)