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On the 15th anniversary of the foundation of our label, on 08.08.2023, the first special edition of our long-standing and successful "electropop. compilation series. It is a compilation with cover versions of Depeche Mode tracks by refreshing bands from the electropop field.

This compilation revives the musical diversity of Depeche Mode through the cover versions and not only for the individual bands and artists the covering of the songs meant a journey of experience, but also for us in compiling the cover versions that finally made it onto the official CD.

Since there are extended versions of most of the songs in addition to the normal edits, the versions we didn't use on the official CD were compiled on one of the four Promotional Bonus CD-Rs of the "electropop. depeche mode (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)".

Track listing:
01. alphamay - everything counts
02. bt47 - master & servant
03. demokratie - and then
04. egoamp - new dress (edit)
05. engraved garden - lie to me (extended)
06. kellertechnik feat. shelter - now this is fun
07. maschinengeist - wrong
08. neon space men - leave in silence (extended)
09. parralox - ghosts again (extended)
10. platronic - the things you said 
11. royal visionaries - the sun and the rainfall
12. split vision - a photograph of you
13. supercraft - my secret garden
14. tycho brahe - suffer well
15. vainerz - two minute warning (extended)

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