• Birmingham Electric
    Birmingham Electric

    The debut album from BIRMINGHAM ELECTRIC - produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam!

  • electropop.25

    The anniversary edition! Release date 08.08.2023!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22
    Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    The new seasonal album from Parralox with great cover versions of many old classics!

  • electropop. depeche mode
    electropop. depeche mode

    Order now! Release date 08.08.2023!

VARIOUS ARTISTS - electropop.25 (Code: CRCD 025)

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Nobody would have thought that 15 years ago. The "electropop." Compilation series celebrates anniversary. In keeping with the 15th anniversary of conzoom Records, the 25th edition of this successful and at the same time longest compilation series is being released.

"electropop.25" will be released on August 8th, 2023 and again there will be 13 tracks by 13 artists who have not yet appeared on an official compilation.

electropop.25 - official CD:
01. aeon rings - slow choke (full length version)
02. blackcarburning - all about you (olaf wollschl├Ąger remix)
03. code 64 - soundwave (extended)
04. eckotrigger - collide (extended)
05. helalyn flowers - halos (people theatre's fireball mix)
06. jetlag junction - hope & bravery (dance remix)
07. main - end this game (full length version)
08. mari kattman - is it really that bad (neuroticfish remix)
09. neon space men - twisted mind (rob dust remix)
10. rohn-lederman - we need a plan (mark hockings remix)
11. the grab society - outsider (oren amram remix edit)
12. the nordic act - give me the power (remix 2022)
13. voltron2 - catwalk madness (extended mix)

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