Parralox - Holiday ´14 (Single)

01. Little Drum Machine Boy
02. With A Little Love
03. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
04. The Path Of Least Resistance
05. The Word Before Last
06. Shadow

Parralox - Holiday ´15

01. In Heaven
02.I Want To See The Light
03. Gods And Monsters
04. The Sundial
05. Stranger's Thoughts
06. Being Boiled
07. Empire State Human
08. Morale / You've Lost That Loving Feeling
09. Always On My Mind / In My House
10. I Don't Depend On You
11. Voyager
12. Rocket Science

Sinestar - Fortunes Faded (Digitale Single)

01. Fortunes Faded
02. Fortunes Faded (Republica Remix)
03. Fortunes Faded (Parralox Remix)
04. Fortunes Faded (People Theatre's Matter Mix)
05. Fortunes Faded (Rise of the Machines Edit)
06. Fortunes Faded (POS.2 Remix Edit)
07. Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram Remix Edit)
08. Fortunes Faded (Sun Does Down Mix by Zoon Politicon)
09. Fortunes Faded (DMT Berzerk Remix)
10. Fortunes Faded (Sine City Remix)
11. Fortunes Faded (Rename Summer Mix)

Zoon Politicon - Special Kind Of Love (Digitale Single)


01. Special Kind Of Love (Single Version)
02. Special Kind Of Love (Oldschool Mix)
03. Special Kind Of Love (Remix by MADmoizel)
04. Special Kind Of Love (Tough Mix)
05. Autumn Tale
06. Dark Feathers *

* nur auf der limitierten Promotion CD-R Edition

Paralox - Crying On The Dancefloor (Single)

01. Crying On The Dancefloor (Radio Mix)
02. Crying On The Dancefloor (7th Heaven Club Mix)
03. Crying On The Dancefloor (Extended Mix)
04. Crying On The Dancefloor (John von Ahlen's Haus Remix Extended)
05. Crying On The Dancefloor (NW Remix)
06. Dry 2 The Bone
07. Crying On The Dancefloor (Naked Highway Remix)
08. Faded Memory (Extended)
09. Crying On The Dancefloor (Your Silent Face Remix)
10. De ses Cendres