• electropop.25

    Die Jubiläumsausgabe! Veröffentlichungsdatum 08.08.2023!

  • electropop. depeche mode
    electropop. depeche mode

    Jetzt bestellen! Veröffentlichungsdatum 08.08.2023!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22
    Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    Das neue Seasonal Album von Parralox mit famosen Coverversion vieler alter Klassiker!

  • Birmingham Electric
    Birmingham Electric

    Das Debutalbum von BIRMINGHAM ELECTRIC - produziert von Mark Reeder und Micha Adam!


Parralox - Holiday ´16

01. Flamboyant (Pet Shop Boys)
02. Bring On The Dancing Horses (Echo And The Bunnymen)
03. Animal Reaction (Route 69)
04. Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (Cicero)
05. Face To Face / Heart To Heart (The Twins)
06. A Question Of Time (Depeche Mode)
07. Blasphemous Rumours (Depeche Mode)
08. Louise (The Human League)
09. The Lebanon (The Human League)
10. Zero As A Limit (The Human League)
11. Almost Medieval (The Human League)
12. Blind Youth (The Human League)
13. When I'm With You (Sparks)
14. Bigger Than America (Heaven 17)

Zoon Politicon - Dreamer (Digitale Single)

01. Dreamer (Atlantis Mix By Zoon Politicon)
02. Dreamer (Vainerz Hungary Remix)
03. Dreamer
04. Dreamer (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix)
05. Dreamer (DMT Berzerk Remix)
06. Seven Sisters

Zoon Politicon - Black In White


CD 1 (Album):
01. Run Forever
02. Mercy
03. Moments (Album Version)
04. Good Morning
05. Dreamer
06. Special Kind Of Love
07. New Phase
08. Candle Of Truth
09. Good Evening
10. Timekiller (Album Version)
11. Such A Bore
12. Sense Of Life
13. Galaxy

CD 2 (Remixes):
01. Sense Of Life (Orange Sector Remix)
02. Run (Vainerz Remix)
03. New Phase (Anxiety Remix by Sinestar)
04. Sense Of Life (To The End Mix by Zoon Politicon)
05. Run (Parralox Remix)
06. New Phase (People Theatre’s Plug Mix)
07. Special Kind Of Love (Tough2Mix by Zoon Politicon)
08. Timekiller (Zeitlos Mix by Zoon Politicon)

Parralox - Wildlife (Single)

01. Wildlife (Radio Edit)
02. Somebody II (People Theatre s Impatience Mix)
03. Do You Feel What I Feel (The Talion Law Delight Mix)
04. Wildlife (Analogue Solutions Vintage Warmer Mix)
05. Somebody II (Midnight Resistance Remix)
06. Wildlife (People Theatre's Range Dub And Dance Mix)
07. Atmosphere (Alone-Mix by Zoon Politicon)
08. Somebody II (Julian Marsh Mix)
09. Somebody II (John von Ahlen Remix)
10. Wildlife (Talion Law Remix)
11. Somebody II (SIRPAUL Remix)
12. Wildlife (7th Heaven Club Mix)
13. Somebody II (Jose Jimenez Remix)
14. Judgement Day

Sinestar - Evolve


CD 1 (Album):
01. Ready Set Go And Die
02. The Madness Of Control
03. The Same Way
04. Stop The Clocks
05. Heart To The Fire
06. Fortune Faded
07. Running Home (Guest Vocals By Hannah Brownlie)
08. Falling
09. Avoiding The Silence
10. Time Expired
11. The Mirror Song (Guest Vocals By Ema Walter)
12. Chemical Romance
13. My Perspective
14. Sentinel

CD 2 (Fortunes Faded EP):
01. Fortunes Faded (Original Version)
02. Fortunes Faded (Republica Remix)
03. Fortunes Faded (Parralox Remix)
04. Fortunes Faded (People Theatre's Extended Matter Remix) *
05. Fortunes Faded (Rise Of The Machines Remix) *
06. Fortunes Faded (POS 2 Remix) *
07. Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram Extended Remix) *
08. Fortune Faded (Sun Goes Down Mix by Zoon Politicon)
09. Fortunes Faded (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix) *
10. Fortunes Faded (Sine City Remix)
11. Fortunes Faded (Rename Extended Remix) *

* nur auf der limitierten Erstauflage der CD Edition