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On 25.09.2020 Uncreated releases the follow up to the successful EP "Leaving Now". Instead of releasing a new album Patrik decided to proceed with the EP format once again. This time Patrik is joined by Dennis Schober (Solitary Experiments), Gabriella Åström (Me The Tiger), Måns Jonasson (Sine City) and Christoffer Lundström (Presence Of Mind).

Patrik also sings two tracks on the EP himself. One of them is a cover of the song "Epiphany" by Solitary Experiments. It is set as a bonus track and is only available on the physical release and on Bandcamp.

The EP also contains four remixes. Mesh and Blume both made a remix of "Break Free". Tolchock made a remix of "My Core Is Dying". We The North did a great job remixing "Helgon", the only song with Swedish lyrics on the EP.

01. Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober)
02. My Core Is Dying (feat. Gabriella Åström)
03. Helgon (feat. Måns Jonasson)
04. Something Better (feat. Christoffer Lundström)
05. Without A Warning
06. Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober) (Mesh Remix)
07. Helgon (feat. Måns Jonasson) (We The North Remix)
08. My Core Is Dying (feat. Gabriella Åström) (Tolchock Remix)
09. Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober) (Blume Remix)
10. Epiphany

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