be logo 1024wBirmingham Electric is the brainchild of Netherlands-based American expat electronic musician, vocalist and audio engineer Andrew Evans. Birmingham Electric's sound recalls synthpop, post-punk and new wave elements recombined in a modern context. We are delighted to welcome Birmingham Electric to the conzoom family.

In the studio, Birmingham Electric have an ongoing collaboration with Berlin-based techno taste-maker Mark Reeder (Factory Records, MFS Records) and his production partner Micha Adam. Mark and Micha are currently producing Birmingham Electric’s debut album, to be released via conzoom on CD and via MFS Berlin digitally in 2021. Birmingham Electric also work with Malcolm Holmes (the rhythm engine behind Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s classic albums) - notably on the single “Moving Target,” as well as providing percussion for the original mix of “Light of the World” and remix work soon to be released.

Parralox Holiday 20After the current seasonal album by Parralox has already been released in digital form at the end of 2020, "Holiday'20" will also be released as a limited CD version on 19.03.2021.

18. various electropop.18The new "electropop.18" will be released on 19.02.2021. It will once again contain 13 tracks by artists who have never before been featured on an official "electropop." compilation before. In addition to the normal edition, there is also an "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" with five promotional bonus CD-Rs and an "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Edition)" with four promotional bonus CD-Rs.

18. various electropop.18

The new "electropop.18" will be released in February 2021. You can again look forward to 13 new artists who have not yet been featured on any of the official previous „electropop."l releases. Varied, innovative and a musical and visual treat - look forward to the new "electropop.18".

dhl logoFrom now on we are able to ship wordwide again. So if you have hold back your orders you can order now again and get your orders very soon.