Various Artists - electropop.9

01. Blume „Western Rust (Extended Version)“
02. Cold In May „Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)“
03. Electrobelle „Mirrorball (Extended Mix)“
04. Fedora Heap „Roses Fade Away (Extended)“
05. In Good Faith „Under The Surface (Extended Mix)“
06. Kiss The Panther „Your Voice (Extended Mix)“
07. Machinista „Molecules And Carbon (Extended Version)“
08. My Killing Game „Over You (Club Remix)“
09. Scaret Soho „When The Lights Go Out (Extended Version)“
10. Sound Of Science „Hydrodome (Full Length Version)“
11. The Flood „The Right Time (Had A Dream Remix)“
12. Unity One „Infrared (Extended Dance Version)“
13. Wanted „Future Rhythm (People Theatre`s Electropop Edit)“

Dani'el - The Book

01. Safe
02. Tell Me Why
03. Music
04. Sorry
05. Only You
06. Exordium
07. Algabal
08. Nothing 2 Regret
09. Passing Thru
10. It's Time
11. For A Friend
12. Safe (Extended)
13. Mark My Words (feat. PHNTM)

The Sound Of The Crowd - Life Is Calling

Release date: 22.11.2013
Format: Album CD (sold out!)
Catalogue-No.: CRCD TSOTC 01
Songs: 15

Parralox - Recovery

01. In The Night (Pet Shop Boys Cover)
02. Eye In The Sky (The Alan Parsons Project Cover)
03. Headhunter (Front 242 Cover)
04. Touched By The Hand Of God (New Order Cover)
05. Kebabträume (DAF Cover)
06. A Forest (The Cure Cover)
07. Somebody (Depeche Mode Cover)
08. The Day Before You Came (Abba Cover)
09. Blind Vision (Blancmange Cover)
10. Physical Attraction (Madonna Cover)
11. Silent Morning (Noel Cover)
12. A Little Respect (Erasure Cover)
13. The Model (Kraftwerk Cover)
14. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)

Carved Souls - Dismantle

01. Shaken
02. Only Lies
03. On My Own
04. Until Then
05. Save Me
06. Restart
07. Drenched In Dreams
08. Forgive My Ways
09. Hold On
10. Pieces
11. Corrupt Idiot
12. Down But Not Out