• Birmingham Electric
    Birmingham Electric

    The debut album from BIRMINGHAM ELECTRIC - produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22
    Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    The new seasonal album from Parralox with great cover versions of many old classics!

  • electropop. depeche mode
    electropop. depeche mode

    available for pre-order from mid-June 2023!

Parralox - Change Of Heart (Single)

Parralox Change Of Heart
Release date: 28.02.2020
Format: Single CD
Catalogue-No.: CRCD PLOX 27
Songs: 10

Various Artists - electropop.16

electropop13 cover 500px

Release date: 28.02.2020
Format: Compilation CD
Catalogue-No.: CRCD 016
Songs: 13

Parralox - Genesis

Parralox Genesis
Release date: 29.11.2019
Format: Album CD
Catalogue-No.: CRCD PLOX 28
Songs: 14

Various Artists - electropop.15

electropop13 cover 500px

Release date: 13.09.2019
Format: Compilation CD (sold out!)
Catalogue-No.: CRCD 015
Songs: 13

Uncreated - Is That What You Want (Single)

Uncreated Is That What You Want Single'
Release date: 30.08.2019
Format: Single CD-R (sold out!)
Catlogue-No.: CRCD UN P03
Songs: 6