• electropop. depeche mode
    electropop. depeche mode

    available for pre-order from mid-June 2023!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22
    Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    The new seasonal album from Parralox with great cover versions of many old classics!

  • Birmingham Electric
    Birmingham Electric

    The debut album from BIRMINGHAM ELECTRIC - produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam!

Birmingham Electric

The Motion Epic Promo PictureBirmingham Electric is the brainchild of Netherlands-based American expat electronic musician, vocalist and audio engineer Andrew Evans. Birmingham Electric's sound recalls synthpop, post-punk and new wave elements recombined in a modern context.

In the studio, Birmingham Electric have an ongoing collaboration with Berlin-based techno taste-maker Mark Reeder (Factory Records, MFS Records) and his production partner Micha Adam.

Mark and Micha are currently producing BE’s debut album, to be released on conzoom and MFS Berlin, in 2021. BE also work with Malcolm Holmes (the rhythm engine behind Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s classic albums) - notably on the single “Moving Target,” as well as providing percussion for the original mix of “Light of the World” and remix work soon to be released.

BE is a dynamic live outfit as well - drummer André Machado, bassist Aldo Viñerta and keyboardist Lori Evans round out the lineup. BE has always been intended as a live project, and looks forward to planning tour dates when the COVID pandemic is safely past.