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The new "electropop.21" compilation will be released on 25.02.2022. As usual, there will be 13 bands on it that have never been on an official CD in our compilation series before.

electropop.21 - official CD:
01. atlantic popes - man in the moon (full length version)
02. chiasm - calling (mesh remix)
03. daniel hall - the watchman (fused remix)
04. dreams of passion - angelic snow (club remix)
05. feu follet feat. vlimmer - a light underground (extended version)
06. kiss of the whip - be mine (agent side grinder remix)
07. krøll - bloodline (extended mix)
08. lifelong corporation - black tears (extended cosmo mix)
09. limbitrol - heart shaped (extended mix)
10. montage collective - nowhere home (lord and master remix)
11. munich syndrome - lost in a dream (extended mix)
12. reliant - songs from the heart of solitude (full length version)
13. vice reine - water palace (full length version)

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