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On 28.05.2021 the new "electropop.19" compilation will be released and on the regular "electropop.19", as usual, there are again 13 bands that have never been on an official CD of our compilation series before. 

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01. alienare - human (paralyzed mix by avoid-a-void)
02. anything box – dead stars (an eloquent pure vliss remix)
03. austerity complex - mystery girl (extended mix)
04. bernhard zimmermann - the life of casanova (extended version)
05. birmingham electric - light of the world (mark reeder's illuminating mix)
06. blaklight - isolation (quarantine extended mix)
07. enter me - miracle (exclusive extended mix)
08. even more - light (people theatre's grasp mix)
09. fatigue - trapt (extended mix)
10. floe - el tiempo cambiará (maxi)
11. moda makina - enough! (anaqim extended mix)
12. moderno - waves of light (extended mix)
13. more - constant loop (extended version)

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