• Birmingham Electric

    The debut album will be released on 25.11.2022 - get it now!

  • The Motion Epic
    The Motion Epic

    The Motion Epic "Dreams" - a highlight in 2023!

  • electropop.23

    Release date 25.11.2022 - get your limited "electropop.23 (Super Deluxe Edition)" now!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    The new seasonal album by Parralox. From 01.01.2023 only available for pre-order with name entry. RELEASE DATE: 24.02.2023

  • electropop.24

    Pre-order the new "electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" now until 20.01.2023 with name entry in the booklet! VÖ: 24.02.2023!

"electropop.24" will be released on 24.02.2023

electropop.23On 24.02.2023 our latest volume of the successful "electropop. series. As usual, "electropop.24" will feature 13 tracks by artists who have never before been featured on an "electropop. compilation before. In addition to the normal single CD edition, there will also be an "electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" with four bonus CD-Rs - strictly limited and available for pre-order from 01.01.2023 exclusively from us with name entry.