• Birmingham Electric

    The debut album will be released on 25.11.2022 - get it now!

  • The Motion Epic
    The Motion Epic

    The Motion Epic "Dreams" - a highlight in 2023!

  • electropop.23

    Release date 25.11.2022 - get your limited "electropop.23 (Super Deluxe Edition)" now!

  • Parralox - Holiday 21-22

    The new seasonal album by Parralox. From 01.01.2023 only available for pre-order with name entry. RELEASE DATE: 24.02.2023

  • electropop.24

    Pre-order the new "electropop.24 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" now until 20.01.2023 with name entry in the booklet! VÖ: 24.02.2023!

New Parralox album "Holiday 21/22" to be released end of February 2023

Parralox Holiday 21 22The two Parralox albums "Holiday '21" and "Holiday '22", which have only been available digitally so far, will be released together on a limited CD on 24 February 2023. The CD will be called "Holiday 21/22" and will contain the official tracks of both digital releases as well as some exclusive bonus tracks.

Besides the normal CD version, the new Parralox album "Holiday 21/22" will also be released in a "Holiday 21/22 (Super Deluxe Edition)" with three bonus CD-Rs. More detailed information about the release will follow beginning of January 2023.