18. various electropop.18

The new "electropop.18" will be released in February 2021. You can again look forward to 13 new artists who have not yet been featured on any of the official previous „electropop."l releases. Varied, innovative and a musical and visual treat - look forward to the new "electropop.18".

Besides the normal single CD edition there will be an "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" and an "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Edition)".

The "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" is limited to 75 units worldwide and is available in our shop without exception! In addition to the four bonus CD-Rs, which also include the "electropop.18 (Super Deluxe Edition)", this edition will also include another conzoom promo CD-R containing nine previously unreleased or never before released tracks by Uncreated.

The advance sale of the limited editions starts on 01.01.2021!