Parralox single released with bonus track on a limited CD

27. Parralox Change Of Heart

The title "Change Of Heart", which has so far only been released as a digital single, will now be released on a limited edition single CD. Due to the high demand from fans, the nine songs of the digital release plus an exclusive bonus track are now available on a physical medium. The single CD also contains a nice twelve-page booklet with the lyrics and more.

On "Change Of Heart" Parralox show themselves from a different side for once and integrate interesting and timeless elements of Italo-Pop into their sounds besides the well-known Synthpop. For the remixes of the title track Italoconnection, DMT Berzerk, Lifelike or Sean Quinn were among others on the controls. Release date for the single is 28.02.2020.

Here the track listing:
01. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Radio Edit) 3.35
02. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Extended) 6.28 
03. Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix - Naked) 4.58 
04. Voyager (Sky Remix by Gay Cat Park) 4.24 
05. Change of Heart (Take the Money and Run Remix by Lifelike) 5.18 
06. Change of Heart (DMT Berzerk Remix Extended) 6.20 
07. Paradise feat Lillia Mendoza (Azure Remix V2 by Sean Quinn) 7.19 
08. Beautiful World (Benja Remix V2) 4.58 
09. Change of Heart (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) 6.24
10. Change of Heart (Demo V1) *
* exklusiv auf der Limited Edition CD