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Am 31.07.2020 erscheint die neue "electropop.17" Compilation. Unter anderen sind dieses Mal Bands wie Beyond Border, Clayfeet, EGOamp, Tycho Brahe oder auch Waiting For Words dabei.

01. Arriega Beats - Change (feat. Manfred Thomaser) (!distain Remix)
02. Beyond Border - Stand (Extended Version)
03. Clayfeet - Evolve (Complete)
04. Darwinmcd feat. Eric C. Powell - Click (Nature Of Wires Remix)
05. Disrupted Being - Devoted (Extended Version)
06. Egoamp - Puppet Of Joy (Extended Electropop Version)
07. Fused feat. Kay Burden - Tear Me To Pieces (Body Language Mix)
08. Pop Smear - 4eva! (Extended Remix)
09. Positronic - Higher Point Of View (Extended Version)
10. Tactile Frequency - Degraded (Extended Version)
11. Ten Thumbs feat. Abbie - Up, Up And Away (Full Length Version)
12. Tycho Brahe - I Believe (Mo Funk Mix)
13. Waiting For Words - Great New World (Extended)

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