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Am 25.02.2022 erscheint die neue "electropop.21" Compilation. Darauf befinden sich in gewohnter Weise erneut 13 Bands, die zuvor noch auf keiner offiziellen CD unserer Compilationserie vertreten waren.

electropop.21 - offizielle CD:
01. atlantic popes - man in the moon (full length version)
02. chiasm - calling (mesh remix)
03. daniel hall - the watchman (fused remix)
04. dreams of passion - angelic snow (club remix)
05. feu follet feat. vlimmer - a light underground (extended version)
06. kiss of the whip - be mine (agent side grinder remix)
07. krøll - bloodline (extended mix)
08. lifelong corporation - black tears (extended cosmo mix)
09. limbitrol - heart shaped (extended mix)
10. montage collective - nowhere home (lord and master remix)
11. munich syndrome - lost in a dream (extended mix)
12. reliant - songs from the heart of solitude (full length version)
13. vice reine - water palace (full length version)

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