UNCREATED - Is That What You Want (Limited Remix CD-R Edition)
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"Is that what you want" is the third single from Uncreateds debut album "Eternal".
It follows in the footsteps of the two previous successful singles "Evolve" and "Not your soldier" which both climbed high on the German Electronic Web Charts! The remixes CD-R also contains more remixes of "Is that what you want" (by Oren Amram, Obsession of Time, Croona and more) as well as remixes of other songs from "Eternal" and two Uncreated remixes of Vision Talk (The Zone of Silence) and Vogon Poetry (Exposed Thoughts).

This CD-R was also part of the "electropop.15 (Super Deluxe Fan Bundle)" - which was limited to 50 copies only.

Track list Remixes-CD-R:
01. Is That What You Want (Oren Amram Synthsize Me Remix)
02. Is That What You Want (Charly Beck Remix)
03. Only Human (Extended Remix)
04. Is That What You Want (Eric C. Powell Remix)
05. Evolve (Bonus Remix)
06. Soffocated (Obsession Of Time Remix)
07. Is That What You Want (Defiant Machines Remix)
08. Is That What You Want (RMP Remix)
09. A Greater Plan (Croona Remix)
10. Is That What You Want (The Real Dreamers Remix)
11. Is That What You Want (Undecided Remix)
12. Vision Talk - The Zone Of Silence (Uncreated Remix)
13. Vogon Poetry - Exposed Thoughts (Uncreated Remix)

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