01. Christopher Anton "A Shattered Mind (Extended Version)"
02. Coloured Tears "Loneliness (Extended)"
03. Conversation "Tell Me (I'm The One) (Extended Mix)"
04. Daybehavior "No More Minutes (Extended Version)"
05. Electroflex "Lost You Somewhere (Extended)"
06. Haberdashery "Stars (Extended Remix)"
07. Hyperbubble "Candy Apple Daydreams (Extended Remix)"
08. Jonteknik "Hollow (Extended Remix)"
09. Lustobjekt "Sweet Talk (Extended Version)"
10. LyLee "Sternentanz (Extended Version)"
11. Moneypenny "Destroy (Extended Version)"
12. Monostrip "Miami (Parralox O-Phase Remix)"
13. Neuropa "Plastique People (Extended Mix)"

01. Supermagic (Radio Version)
02. Supermagic (Original Extended)
03. Supermagic (Assemblage 23 Edit)
04. Supermagic (Extended Radio Version)
05. Supermagic (Breakdown Extended)
06. Time (Full Length Dark Version)
07. Homecoming (Extended)
08. Failure (Reproduction) (Extended)

01. Undress
02. Soul Ecstasy
03. Mistress Sleepqueen
04. Ego Girl
05. Fly The Galaxy
06. No Regret
07. Where Are You Hiding
08. Play With Me
09. Fake
10. Touch Of Immortality
11. Simplicity
12. Why
13. Undress (!distain Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
14. Where Are You Hiding (Parralox Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
15. Play With Me (Tailon Law Into The Game Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
16. Undress (Vision Talk Disco Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)

01. Carved Souls "Waveform (Extended Mix)"
02. Destination "Forever Dancing (Perpetual Motion Mix)"
03. Dual Density "Undress (People Theatre's Stripped Mix)"
04. Hollow Me "Don't Let It Go (Extended Mix)"
05. Johnny X "Rodeo (Peter's Horny Mix)"
06. London Exchange "Fall Apart (Peter Marr Extended Mix)"
07. Neutral Lies "Slough Of Despond (Extended Mix)"
08. Optic "Freak Show Cabaret (Reverse Mix)"
09. Rubika "Robots (Extended Mix)"
10. Sure "Home (Bispatial Mix)"
11. This Vision "Young Hearts (Extended Version)"
12. Versus "I Never (Monestirean Memorial Mix)"
13. Vista "Forget About Everything (Extended Remix)"

01. Isn't It Strange (Ade Fenton Extended Remix) 6:25
02. Isn't It Strange (Extended) 5:33
03. Hotter (Marlow Mix) 5:14
04. Isn't It Strange (People Theatre's Snowball Mix Extended) 5:17
05. Isn't It Strange (Vision Talk Synthpop Remix) 4:33
06. Moonwalking (Beborn Beton Remix Extended) 5:08
07. Isn't It Strange (11am Remix by [L]aux) 4:24
08. Empty (Moog vs Linn Remix) 4:08
09. Isn't It Strange (Orchestral Full Length) 6:05
10. Isn't It Strange (Josslers Rework) 4:37
11. When The Walls Came Tumbling Down (PT's Born Again Mix) 5:00
12. Don't Listen To Me (Extended) 6:13
13. Isn't It Strange (Hollow Me Remix) 5:06
14. Be Careful What You Wish For (Talion Law's Ambient Remix) 7:39
15. Kangaroo Island (Instrumental) 3:53