01. Let Us Fall
02. Let Us Fall (Club Version)
03. Through The Noise
04. Let Us Fall (Gritty Filth Remix)
05. Let Us Fall (Ternstrom Remix)

01. Eye In The Sky (Radio Edit)
02. A Little Respect (People Theatre's War Mix)
03. Goodbye Horses
04. Eye In The Sky (The Talion Law Optical Radio Mix)
05. Polyester
06. Black Celebration
07. Goodbye Horses (Precious Extended Mix)
08. You're My Baby
09. Headhunter (We Believe In Electric Headhunters)
10. Eye In The Sky / Sirius (Extended)
11. Ideas As Opiates
12. The Sun and the Rainfall (Extended Mix)
13. You're My Baby (Top Floor Remix by Cinemascape)
14. A Forest (Empire State Human Remix)
15. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime

01. On My Own
02. Broken
03. I´m Not The One
04. On My Own (Optera´s Big Air Edit)
05. On My Own (Psyche Remix)
06. On My Own (Robot Enforsen Remix)
07. On My Own (Optera´s Big Air Remix)

1. Aeronaut
2. Somebody
3. Wildlife
4. Mystery
5. Wrong Or Right
6. Lattidore (feat Ulla Kruse)
7. Life Is Calling
8. Companion
9. Oblivion
10. Atmosphere
11. Shalom (feat Ulla Kruse)
12. Conclusion (feat Nic Toupee)
13. Agent Cooper *
14. Elisabeth *
15. Beautiful Dreamer (feat Ulla Kruse) *

* only on limited CD edition

01. Blume „Western Rust (Extended Version)“
02. Cold In May „Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)“
03. Electrobelle „Mirrorball (Extended Mix)“
04. Fedora Heap „Roses Fade Away (Extended)“
05. In Good Faith „Under The Surface (Extended Mix)“
06. Kiss The Panther „Your Voice (Extended Mix)“
07. Machinista „Molecules And Carbon (Extended Version)“
08. My Killing Game „Over You (Club Remix)“
09. Scaret Soho „When The Lights Go Out (Extended Version)“
10. Sound Of Science „Hydrodome (Full Length Version)“
11. The Flood „The Right Time (Had A Dream Remix)“
12. Unity One „Infrared (Extended Dance Version)“
13. Wanted „Future Rhythm (People Theatre`s Electropop Edit)“