Release date: 14.05.2012
Format: Compilation-CD (sold out!)
Katalog-Nr.: CRCD 007
Songs: 13

01. Casm "A Shattered Mind (Mesh Remix)"
02. Cinemascape "Night Vision (Synthesizer Fox Mix By Channel East)"
03. Cold Connection "Degraded Life (Extended Version)"
04. Daniel "Safe (Extended Version)"
05. Dressenvall "Bless Me (People Theatre"s Prayer Mix)"
06. Isaac Junkie "Walking Away (Remix by re-legion)"
07. Mental Discipline feat. Felix Marc "Fallen Stars (Reworked Extended Version)"
08. Polaroid Kiss "Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Remix)"
09. Ray Grant "Maybe (Dance Mix)"
10. Sad January "Visions Of You (Extended Version)"
11. Space March "Shadows (Extended Mix)"
12. The Sound Of The Crowd "Companion (Extended)"
13. Vainerz "I Try To Be (Parralox Remix)"