01. various electropop.1Here you can find an overview of all the bands that have been on a volume of our electropop. series. Except for Isaak Junkie (who slipped through once and is therefore represented twice), each artist is only represented once. Have fun browsing through our alphabetical list.

Parralox Promo PictureJohn von Ahlen, a Melbourne native is the mastermind behind Parralox's world-class sound. Parralox have specifically made a splash within the club culture due to their cutting-edge, electronic pop sound. Noteworthy critics who have praised Parralox include MTV Buzzworthy, LOGO, Popjustice, Perez Hilton, Arjan Writes, Elektro Magazine and more.

Uncreated Promo PictureUncreated is a project which is driven by Patrik Hansson, whom is also a member of the Swedish synthpop band Vanguard. It all started a long time ago when Patrik was playing around with synhts and computers.