Already before the official release date our electropop.12 compilation is completely sold out. Last copies are still available at POPoNAUT, DeeJayDead and Lexer Music. But you have to be very fast! Many thanks at this point to all who made this release possible through their pre-orders!

The "electropop.12 (Super Fan Bundle)" was limited to 100 units and is now completely sold out. Here is the information about the track listings of the three additional bonus CD-Rs that come with the package:

People Theatre Remixes (White label promo CD-R):
01. Bronski Beat - I 'll Be Gone (People Theatre's Happiness Mix)
02. Desireless & Operation Of The Sun - Sertao (People Theatre Mix)
03. Eden - Don't Wanna Lose You (People Theatre's Farewell Mix)
04. Elric Nolan - Quand L Autre Est Un Tout (People Theatre's Madness Mix)
05. JCRZ - Running On Empty (People Theatre's Tank Mix)
06. Radiomun - I Believe You Not Today (People Theatre's Postponed Mix)
07. Rare Facture - Perception (People Theatre's Cave Mix)
08. Robert Solheim - Bootleg (People Theatre's Lighthouse Mix)
09. Vision Talk - Come With Me (People Theatre's Moonwalk Mix)
10. Zoon Politicon - New Conscience (People Theatre's Courage Mix)

Additional Tracks (White label promo CD-R):
01. Celluloide - Et Si... (DMT Berzerk Remix)
02. Color Theory - In Motion
03. Cyber Monday - Phone Me [feat. Brown Sugar](Extended Mix)
04. !distain - Remote Control (Oren Amram mix)
05. dAVOS - Thoughtful Eyes
06. Equatronic - No Rewind
07. Junk Circuit - Devil Wears A Crown (Faust Homage Version)
08. London Exchange - Time Will Tell
09. Neuropa - Pain (Advantage Mix)
10. Oblique - Back To VHS
11. Rename - Reciprocal (REActive RSVP Remix)
12. Sinestar - Lie On Lie
13. Softwave - On And On And On (Jerry's Alternate Version)
14. Vainerz - Nothing stays the same (Vainerz Germany Remix)
15. Wandering Poets - Time & Day
16. Zoon Politicon - New Conscience (The Extended Rename Version)

ScentAir Records Special (White label promo CD-R):
01. Apsurde - See Me Coming (Nightly Danger Mix)
02. Deimos Moon - Other Place
03. Heliophile - Fall Over
04. Kasper Hate - Killer Words
05. Lie Detector - In The Skies
06. Nórdika - One (feat. Felix Marc) (Single Edit)
07. Pleasure Time - Pleasure
08. The Livelong June - Friends
09. Tycho Brahe - 1985
10. WANTed - World Empty of Stars (feat. Teemu Salo from Ten After Dawn)

We conclude our "electropop." compilation series with the twelfth part. Again this compilation features 13 tracks by artists that have not yet been featured on the previous compilations. Among other things, this time Elegant Machinery, Empathy Test or even Deutsche Bank or Softwave with it.

From the release there is an "electropop.12 (Super Fan Bundle)". In addition to the regular electropop.12 CD, this includes three more White Label conzoom Records promo CD-Rs with many more tracks and remixes. Everything for the electropop fan!

The new album of the electropop band from Bristol. Danceable and emotional as well as melodic and powerful, Sinestar are back in impressive style with twelve new songs that go straight to the ears. "A Million Like Us" is not only a worthy successor to the hit album "Evolve", which gave Sinestar an immense fan base, but also another step towards the perfect electropop song. An album that is truly addictive.

The new digital Sinestar single 'A Million Like Us' will be released on Friday, 26.01.2018 and will be available from all major digital stores.

'I Know' is a brand new track from the album sessions and is exclusive to this release. "Locked From The Inside' is a previously unreleased remix of the track from our debut album 'Singularis' which has been updated by Mark Trueman. All tracks were mastered by Tim Dorney who also mixed the title track. The artwork was created by Simon Brett.

1. A Million Like Us
2. I Know (exklusiver Track)
3. Locked From The Inside (Brutal Remix) (exklusiver Track)