The Parralox "Singles 2 (Vinyl Super Deluxe Edition)" is sold out!

Parralox Singles 2 Vinyl with Bonus CDs1200px

After only a short time, Parralox's "Singles 2 (Vinyl Super Deluxe Edition)", strictly limited to a total of 50 units, was sold out. 
The vinyl release, which will appear at the end of November 2020, is limited to a total of 300 copies and comes in three different vinyl colours. There are only 100 copies of each colour and there will be no more reprints.

All of you who haven't secured the vinyls yet, should take a look at our shop now. We still have 10 copies of the "Singles 2 (Vinyl Deluxe Edition)", a package with all 3 colours but without the bonus CD-Rs.

There are also some copies of the individual colours, both with and without the bonus CD-Rs.