Veröffentlichungsdatum: 24.05.2013
Format: Album CD (Sold out!)
Katalog-Nr.: CRCD ZC 04
Songs: 10

01. Dead End (Club Mix By Olaf Wollschläger)
02. Dead End (Album Version)
03. Hard To Breathe (Album Version)
04. Cardiac Arrest (Album Version)

01. Dead End (Club Mix By Olaf Wollschläger)

01. Second Coming
02. Private Property
03. Frantic
04. Silhouettes
05. Frozen Ground
06. Nuclear Skies
07. Trespassing
08. High Hopes
09. Deep Ravine
10. Frenzy
11. Ran
12. Artifacts

01. Edge
02. Frozen Ground (Single Edit)
03. Second Coming (Blackout Version)
04. Frozen Ground (Split Mirrors Remix)
05. Frozen Ground (auto-auto Remix)
06. Frozen Ground (Sawtooth Remix by Cinemascape)

01. Private Property (Single Edit)
02. Harvest of Tears (Maracas Obama Version)
03. Private Property (Split Mirrors Remix)
04. Private Property (Skinnyesque Remix by Cinemascape)
05. Private Property (Mark Rasure Robotham Remix)

01. Creep (Original)
02. Creep (Cosmic Dawn Edit)
03. Creep (Cosmic Dawn Remix)
04. Creep (PzYkED Edit)
05. Creep (PzYkED Remix)
06. Creep (JVA Dubstep Remix)
07. Creep (7th District Las Salinas Vox Mix)
08. Creep (T. Tommy & Victor Perez Remix)
09. How Do You Break A Robot's Heart (Instrumental)
10. Too Good To Be True
11. Megamix Classique

01. Sharper Than A Knife (2012)
02. Sharper Than A Knife (Pete Hammond Remix - Radio)
03. Sharper Than A Knife (Pete Hammond Remix - Extended)
04. Sharper Than A Knife (Andi Durrant & Steve More Remix - Radio)
05. Sharper Than A Knife (Andi Durrant & Steve More Remix - Extended)
06. Sharper Than A Knife (Wideboys Remix - Radio)
07. Sharper Than A Knife (Wideboys Remix - Club)
08. Sharper Than A Knife (Thomas Wibe Remix)
09. Sharper Than A Knife (Mats Gulbrandsen Remix)
10. Sharper Than A Knife (HotShot Remix Extended)
11. Sharper Than A Knife (HotShot Remix)
12. Sharper Than A Knife (Acoustic)
13. Don't Talk About Love (Kiss Mix)

01. Arome Artificiel "Waiting (People Theatre`s Extended Patience Mix)"
02. Comfortable Cave Goodbye - Travel In Time (Parralox Remix)
03. Dekad "So Sorry (Extended Version)"
04. Father Tiger "Till The Morning (Extended Version)"
05. Fox Hunting "Hurting (Extended Version)"
06. Inter-Connection "Synthetic Love (Extended Version)"
07. Liebe "Time To Go (Extended Version)"
08. Matt Springfield "Thing's I've Said (Peopple Theatre's Electropop Version)"
09. Silver Factory Superstars "First Kiss (Extended Version)"
10. Social Ambitions "Angel (Extended Version)"
11. Sound Tesselated "Wonderland (Holiday Edit)"
12. Supercraft "Stranded (Extended Edit)"
13. Unique Strain "Reunion Of Love (Extended Version)"

01. Come To Bed With Me
02. City Lights
03. So Shut Your Eyes
04. Silent Dawn
05. The Blue Film
06. A Train To Moscow
07. God Speed
08. It's A Game
09. For A Thousand Years
10. No More Minutes
11. Where The Trees Never Sleep
12. The Second Citizen